Business Insurance Specialties:

  • Key Person

  • Business Valuation 

  • Buy-Sell Agreement/Buy-Out Insurance

  • Executive Bonus Planning

  • SERP

  • Disability

  • Group Coverage

  •  Succession Planning 


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Key PErson

Regardless of what new technologies develop, or what new efficiencies are attained, it will always be people that truly make a business profitable. How do we insure our business profitability? We insure certain business assets. What about the people? Almost every business has key employees who are essential to its overall success. A key employee can be anyone who is responsible for management decisions, is highly paid, or has a significant impact on sales and business development. If a key employee passes unexpectedly, replacing that person’s knowledge, experience and profitability can be costly.

Who in your business is a key employee?

Does your business have insurance on that employee?

Key Employee Life Insurance can provide immediate cash to offset the loss of profits due to the death of a key employee, provides funds to recruit and train a qualified replacement, and could protect your company’s credit position.

Buy-Sell Agreement

Do you have a plan in place to transfer business ownership should the unthinkable happen? How would you like to inherit your business partner’s relatives as the new co-owners of your business? If you or your business partner dies without a properly written Buy-Sell agreement and the cash to back it up, that’s what could happen. Without a pre-established selling price and cash in hand, you may be tied up for years trying to establish the value of the business, let alone trying to find someone who will lend you the money to buy out your newly inherited partners. A Buy-Sell agreement funded with life insurance can establish the value of your business and provide a willing buyer and a willing seller with the cash to make it all possible.

Executive Bonus Plan

Have you ever heard of the 80-20 rule? How about this take on it…20% of your employees contribute to 80% of the results. Attracting, retaining and rewarding those employees can be challenging. But since certain employees are vital to the life of every business, keeping them committed is essential. When an employee that is essential to your business leaves, a whole chain of events occurs. Interviews and tests must be conducted, and money must be spent to train the new employee. It is often years before the new employee gains the same level of knowledge and expertise. Who is vital to your business? Do you have a plan in place to reward and retain them? An Executive Bonus Plan is a tax-deductible way you can reward and retain the employees vital to your business – including yourself. It requires no IRS approval, no red tape, and no cumbersome administration. Key employees can have the business pay for their personal life insurance with business dollars, while the business deducts the cost of this insurance as a legitimate business expense. The life insurance policy’s cash value grows tax-deferred, and the employee can access those values income tax free upon loans.


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