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Survivorship Needs

In the event of a tragedy, having plenty of capital (cash) is key to help cover and protect everyday expenses, like the mortgage and household bills. Without a surplus of cash your family could be faced with a burden of debt and financial stress. Having the ability to pay off any outstanding debts is only the first part of Survivorship planning. The second, is ensuring that your income is replaced, so that your family can maintain the same lifestyle for a number of years or indefinitely. Third, ensuring financial stability for future needs such as college funding, retirement and other legacy goals.

College Planning

Most parents want their children to attend college. Perhaps you do too. College planning can be intimidating and the majority of parents do not have a plan to pay for college. The cost for college is an ever changing landscape, typically increasing each and every year. Parents need to ensure that the monies being put away today will pay for the future costs of having their kids go to the right school.  Earlier is better, by starting the college planning process today you can have a realistic grasp of what it will financially require to put your children through a 4+ year University or State school.

Retirement Goals

Having a comfortable, prosperous retirement is a large part of the American dream.  The most important fundamental activity to working towards and accomplishing your retirement goals is by having a written plan. A plan that includes the percentage of today's income you will need, places you want to go and overall how you will live your golden years.  Reviewing the progress of your goals on an annual basis is crucial to stay on track. Have a plan, update it regularly.    


At SFI we specialize in creating personalized and customizable plans for each family we work with. We use the most sophisticated software applications to provide families with a detailed road map. Your plan is reviewed, at a minimum, once a year and is updated accordingly.  Many people have a financial advisor, financial planner, or some sort of financial agent/representative. Rarely do these families have an actual, physical plan. They simply have accounts and products but no plan.  


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